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For non-emergency maintenance issues, please fill out the below form and you will have a response within 3 working days, if your query is an EMERGENCY please read the below information and contact numbers.

Full Name:

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Property Address:

Maintenance Issue:

*Your Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number is required.

In the event of an emergency (An unforeseen event that if not dealt with quickly would, via a reasonable opinion render the property unsafe/insecure; or cause further damage to the Property; or cause personal risk to the tenants) please read the below advice.

What to do in the case of an Emergency and in order of priority:

At any time: If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you should call the National Gas Emergency Service Freephone number on 0800 111 999 at any time day or night.

During office hours (Mon - Fri: 9am - 4pm):

Please email or call 01443 660123

Out of hours (Bank Holidays, weekends, weekdays: 4pm - 9am):

Emergency repairs include but are not restricted to the following examples:

  • No power to the property
  • Gas leaks
  • No heating (1 November to 31 March only)
  • Blocked toilet *
  • Water leaks – depending on severity
  • Property not secure due to damage to ground floor windows, making them easily accessible or an insecure external door
  • Tenant cannot gain access to the property due to lost keys *
  • Fire alarm or smoke detector failure
  • Lifts not working
  • Communal lighting not working in flatted blocks

* Customers will be recharged in cases where toilets are blocked due to nappies or other inappropriate materials having been flushed down them or for the costs of lock/key replacement due to lost keys.

Gas Engineer (Heating and Hot Water) – John Osman 07527 048053

Electrician (Electrical Issues) – Paul Fletcher 07768 632427

General issues (Lock outs, broken glass) - Steve 07484 279735

Blocked Drains – Welsh Water 0800 052 0145

General cold weather advice

Please be aware that during periods of cold weather, the following precautions should be put into action if the above property is likely to be left vacant for any period of time.


Freezing temperatures can cause devastation to properties if pipes freeze and burst. Please be reminded to leave the heating on low, even if the property is unoccupied to look to prevent this from happening.

Water Systems

If it's likely that your property will be empty for a significant period of time, turning off the water is not always sufficient as there is normally still a lot of water in the system which could cause damage. Please advise SWSL if the property will be empty for any period longer than 14 days as SWSL will also need to advise the Landlords of the situation so they can check their insurance policy as a plumber may be needed to drain down the system (water and central heating) to help eliminate this risk.

Tenant Obligations

If the property is going to be left empty for more than a 14 day period:

Some or all of the below actions may be required:-

Water to be turned off at the internal stopcock (in an attempt to prevent any further problems in case of an emergency, please be aware of the location of your stop cock and check that it is in working order)

Set the heating onto a constant low (150C) 24 hour setting

Lock all doors and windows in the property